▷Save Water & Money by Getting On Top Of Slab Leaks In San Diego

Save Water & Money by Getting On Top Of Slab Leaks In San Diego

Save Water & Money by Getting On Top Of Slab Leaks In San Diego

One of the best ways to be a good Florida resident and save money on your electricity bill is to ensure effective leak detection and repair on your property. The sooner you identify the leak and halt the waste, whether it’s leaking faucets or toilet cisterns, the better.

New homes built in the U.S. and Canada today are required by law to have all water pipes underground, improving older home plumbing systems that used above-ground copper pipes for drinking water supply lines.

However, many older homes in San Diego rely on plumbing systems that include exposed water service lines running from the property’s main water meter to each dwelling.

These pipe services can also be found in later model homes on slab foundations with a separation wall between the living space and any underlying crawl spaces. Or other areas where soil may seep into cracks due to changes in weather conditions or minor shifting of soil deposits.

There are three common signs of slab leaks:

1) Excessive moisture on walls (indicating seepage through the wall’s seams), especially around plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks – this can be detected by using an electronic moisture sensor with a GPS function to pinpoint exactly which areas are affected by excessive moisture levels;

2) Foul odor coming up through cracks in your limestone basement flooring or your tile flooring, especially if the problem seems to be localized in a particular area of the house; and

3) Water pooling or droplets on basement ceilings (or what can also appear as water damage on ceiling tiles).

To check for slab leaks in your home:

1) Ensure electrical power is off at the pole breaker box before proceeding with any repair work. Use a non-contact voltage reader to detect any residual electricity in the area where you will start your repair work.

2) Ensure water service is off through the property’s main shutoff valve. You may need to contact a plumber to turn off the water supply line to your property, as well as the main water meter if it cannot be located on your property or if a lock protects it.

3) Cover any exposed wiring and other electrical components, so they do not get damaged while you are crawling around in open crawl space areas beneath plumbing lines.


If you suspect you have a slab leak, contact 1st Response Leak Detection in San Diego right away. Even if you have exceptional DIY skills, leak detection and repair is a job best left to the professionals. 

Slab leak repair is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. The sooner a slab leak is discovered and repaired, the minor damage it is likely to do. You can call (619) 374-8554 for more information on slab leaks. 

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