Balcony Leak Detection San Diego

Best San Diego Leak Detection Near MeAre you dealing with a balcony leak when it rains in San Diego? Have you tried the various methods of sealing your balcony but it still leaks despite the sealing? You must be wondering what else you can do to fix the balcony and be worried about the costs. But don’t worry, 1st Response Leak Detection has got it covered. We have fixed hundreds of balcony leaks, especially those located in the upper part of the house, and they tend to leak below. As a homeowner, it gets very frustrating, and so in this section we are giving some tips to help you regarding balcony leaks. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote for balcony leak detection in San Diego.

Why Do Upstairs Balconies Leak?

Most of the balconies are build with wood; then is covered with a waterproof membrane; after that, a tile or stone is laid on top, which is usually not a good alternative as it is not flexible. When the wood bends, it compromises the waterproofing, and due to that, the tile and grout cracks. That leads to the water seeping below these areas and going down into the house’s interior.

Here are three money-saving steps you MUST take to get to the bottom of your balcony leaks:

  • First, try locating the leaks
  • Then open up the water damaged ceiling which is below the leaking balcony
  • Repair this and before you cover up the ceiling do another leak test

Balcony Leak Detection San Diego

Waterproofing Your Balcony, Several Options

Waterproofing tiled and stoned balconies are the best option to stop the leaks. It covers up to 100% of the leaks. That helps in the contraction and expansion of the wood. Wood is used in building the house, and waterproofing saves the place from water damage.

Balcony Leak Detection San Diego

1st Response Leak Detection is proud to serve San Diego, CA, with its leak detection services. If you are looking for Leak Detection services, you have nothing to worry about as we have your back! Call us today at (619) 374-8554 to schedule our  leak detection service like no other in San Diego, CA.

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