▷My Yard Is Wet, Is It A Sprinkler Leak Or A Sewage Leak In San Diego

My Yard Is Wet, Is It A Sprinkler Leak Or A Sewage Leak In San Diego

My Yard Is Wet, Is It A Sprinkler Leak Or A Sewage Leak In San Diego

If your lawn is wetter than it should be, this may be a sign of a leak. The source could be a sprinkler leak or a sewage leak, either or which could have serious consequences for your property.

Sewage leaks are not the same as toilet overflow — if you see colored water coming from below the ground level, you need to get an expert out immediately to identify the source of the problem and fix it!

The easy part with sewage leaks is identifying them– they will leave physical evidence such as staining at points directly under where lines run underground (or in some cases above ground, on asphalt), persistent foul odors that come and go depending upon weather conditions, and discolored grass around drain field sumps.

During a sewage leak, you may have to spend a lot of money on cleanup and repairing damaged floors, walls, or landscaping. Installing an early warning system that detects sewage leaks before they threaten your property is the best way to keep these costs from rising out of proportion.

What Is A Sewage Leak?

There are two common causes of plumbing leaks: Expansion and contraction. Over time, as houses settle, water systems can lose the correct level of lubrication (from being buried underground), so they eventually will start to leak.

The other cause of a leaking water system is one that has not been maintained correctly, and over time the seals in pipes will weaken until they finally burst. Hence periodic maintenance is highly recommended for your sewage-disposal service. Leaks from both types can be fixed, but you might have to replace parts or wait for everything to dry out first.

What Is A Sprinkler Or Irrigation Leak?

If the water “drip, drip, drip” from your house or yard onto the ground, it probably comes from an irrigation system. Most likely, this is a mistake in the watering schedule–for instance, you may have forgotten to turn off an automatic sprinkler after rain.

Alternatively, these leaks could be caused by continuous use–if your sprinkler is set up for manual watering, pressure should be low enough so that when no water is being used, pipes will not leak.

What To Do If You Have A Sewage Leak, A Sprinkler Leak, Or An irrigation Leak?

First of all, you should try to figure out why the leak is happening. Routine preventive maintenance may solve the problem and cut down on repair costs. If these other methods don’t work–or if you simply can’t afford them–you’ll need to call a plumber or an irrigation specialist.


If your home has severe sewage leak issues, it could be time for a new septic system. This isn’t inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination, but it will avoid years and years’ worth of future repairs! To find experienced professionals who can help you with any plumbing problems, Call 1st Response Leak Detection at (619) 374-8554 in San Diego today!

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