▷How Can I Locate A Leaking Pipe In The Wall In San Diego?

How Can I Locate A Leaking Pipe In The Wall In San Diego?

How Can I Locate A Leaking Pipe In The Wall In San Diego?

Water leaks are most commonly caused by faulty plumbing. A dark patch on your floor, wall, or roof is a sure sign that you have a plumbing problem. Rainwater draining inside the wall might also cause leaks. Leaking pipes in the wall are quite dangerous, since they can cause structural damage as well as mold issues. 

Some leaks occur in hard-to-reach places, such as deep within a wall or ceiling. These leaks will be difficult to detect. Some leaks, on the other hand, are easily accessible and may be fixed, such as those under the kitchen or bathroom sink. 

You must look for symptoms of a leaky pipe in the wall before determining the location of the problem and how to address it. So, here are several indicators that a water leaking pipe in the wall is present: 

Look For Puddles Of Standing Water

It’s an easy way to check if a pipe in the wall is leaking. When you notice that a certain area of the floor is always moist. Water will be standing near important appliances, such as the sink and shower. 

Keep An Eye Out For A Change In Texture 

The bubble-like pattern appears when a water leaking pipe in the wall. Water affects the original texture of wallpaper and paint, thus it will be destroyed on the spot. Walls with leaking pipes behind them will curve outward. There will be drooping portions as well. 


Mold will begin to form on your wall if there has been a leak for a long period. In the beginning, I’ll appear as a cluster of brown or black dots. Well, you don’t have to see mold to know it’s growing. It could be growing inside a wall that has been soaked by a water leak. Some molds cause allergies and might be harmful to one’s health. If you find mold on your wall, get rid of it right once and address the water leak in the wall. 

Water leak detection equipment, such as a moisture meter, can be used to identify leaking in the wall. When put directly against a wall, a moisture meter can be used to determine the moisture content. Place it in various locations, and the area with the highest reading is the one nearest to the leak. A hardware store can either sell it to you or rent it to you. There are also various water leak detectors, such as an infrared camera, that can be used to check this. 

Water leak detection can be aided by looking for certain evident symptoms. If you suspect a leaking pipe in your wall but are unsure of its exact location, seek professional assistance from 1st Response Leak Detection by giving us a call at (619) 374-8554 since water leak detection in walls is a task best left to the pros.


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