▷Help! Why Is My Water Bill So High In San Diego?

Help! Why Is My Water Bill So High In San Diego

Help! Why Is My Water Bill So High In San Diego

Here at 1st Response Leak Detection, we usually get calls from our customers after receiving a shockingly high water bill. Your water bill can shoot up suddenly, or it may creep up a little from time to time. 

But how can you determine the reason for a high water bill? Is it because of increased usage, or is it due to a leak? For this purpose, two valuable tools can help you investigate:

  1. Your meter
  2. Your water bill itself

Tool 1: Your Meter

Your meter may be located inside or outside. 

Inside Meters

Some meters are inside meters. These meters are usually located in older buildings or homes and are found in colder climates. 

Inside meters are usually located with the wall in the basement of the building. An indoor water meter is usually in a utility room or closet in a slab foundation building. Near the meter, there is a shut-off valve. This valve shuts off the water supply to the entire building. 

  1. Make sure you do use water in your building, and if the meter continues to move and has a flow indicator, then that means there is still water flow somewhere. 
  2. Start shutting off the water using devices one by one and find the culprit. 
  3. If the meter still doesn’t stop moving, then this means you likely have a leak. 

Outside Meters

Most meters are located outside in the yard or near the curb and are covered. 

The first thing with an outside meter is to determine whether the leak is inside your building or outside. 

  1. Make sure you are not using water inside the building. If the meter is still moving, then something is still using the water.
  2. Start by shutting off water devices one by one and check if the meter stops moving. If it does, then it means you have found your culprit. 
  3. In case the meter is still moving, then you likely are facing a hidden leak. 

Tool 2: Your water bill

Water bills differ from municipality to municipality. Most of them have several items in common. Gather your water bills from past months and analyze them.

In case you believe that the water bill is too high and you haven’t used as much water, you may ask your municipality to test or replace your meter. Meter usually slows down with age. 

Before contacting your municipality about your meter, make sure to calculate your daily water usage. Divide the use shown in the bill by total days in service. This will help you in getting a clear picture of your current problem and your average water usage. 

Call us now and get your water leak issues fixed ASAP.


You can make this whole process easier for yourself by contacting us at (619) 374-8554. Our 1st Response Leak Detection professionals in San Diego will help you figure out the high water bill and fix it for you. 

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