▷How To Turn Your Water Off During Emergencies In San Diego

How To Turn Your Water Off During Emergencies In San Diego

How To Turn Your Water Off During Emergencies In San Diego

When you have a flood water leak or a suspected burst water pipe at home or in commercial buildings, it is crucial to turn the water supply off to avoid flooding and a hefty water bill. Turn off the water at your stop tap (if you can) or turn on a nearby one. If it’s not possible to use another stop tap, find and shut off the main supply immediately – usually under a meter cover in front of all other meters, but ask your plumber if necessary. 

Check that appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines are turned fully off, too, then open their doors, so they don’t trap any air inside when refilling. 

Call A Professional

You may need to cut into an incoming pipe with specialist tools; call out a professional plumber for this job because there could be electrical hazards involved if done incorrectly. Don’t try yourself unless you know what you’re doing: work carried out incorrectly could cause serious injury or a flood. 

If you need to turn off your stop tap (it is usually in the basement, garage, or outside), be aware that it may take several minutes for all the water supplied by your street main to drain away; this will depend on how far away the house is from the source of supply and whether there are any septic tanks upstream. 

The further downstream you live, the more time you’ll have before no water comes out when turning off taps at home. If working with an engineer, follow their advice carefully about what else might need doing while they’re there – such as switching gas supplies off if possible.

Resolve The Problem Safely

If the emergency arises when everybody has gone home, call in an expert from 1st Response Leak Detection who can help resolve the problem quickly and safely without causing further damage or injury. 

Remember that flooding due to burst pipes inside walls usually necessitates renovation work being carried out by plumbers because of hidden wiring hazards associated with this type of incident. In addition, if nobody is around during business hours, it may be necessary to turn off the main switch on top of the meter cupboard, which means calling one’s electricity provider for assistance as well as their electrician contractor.

1st Response Leak Detection technicians have provided services for a long time and know how important it is to shut down the water supply quickly when flooding occurs. If there’s any chance that standing water has flooded into electrical outlets, then never attempt to use them – this includes phones as well! 


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