▷How To Find A Water Leak Under Concrete San Diego?

How To Find A Water Leak Under Concrete San Diego?

How To Find A Water Leak Under Concrete San Diego?

One of the most popular questions that we get from customers is, “how do I find a water leak under concrete?” This blog post will give you a few steps to help you solve your problem. First, let’s take a look at why leaks happen and what causes them.

Why Leaks Occur

One of the main reasons that leaks happen is due to improper installation. This means that if you had a concrete slab poured and there was some sort of miscommunication about where your water line or gas line needs to be, then damage can occur as well as potential safety risks for anyone who may be using those utilities down the road. 

It’s not all bad news, though! There are ways to solve this problem, such as drain tile. Drain tile works by moving any excess moisture away from the foundation walls through piping located underground near or around your home’s perimeter. 

If you’re looking into finding a leak in order to correct it before something does go wrong (and believe us, we’ve seen many emergencies because of water leaks), then you will want to look for signs of moisture.

Signs Of Moisture That Indicate A Potential Leak

You may not necessarily see visible evidence of a leak, but if the problem is severe enough, there are likely going to be some signs that can clue you into what is happening below ground where no one else can see it. These include: 

・Wet spots on your lawn. 

・Cracks in walls or foundation. 

・Peeling paint inside your home. 


・Soggy soil around the exterior of your house. 

・Moisture stains on concrete surfaces. 

Once you’ve determined that there may be a problem, it’s time to get your utility lines marked and then investigate the area. If you don’t already have them (most people do not), or if they are buried too deep to find with a probe, call our team of experts at 1st Response Leak Detection today! 

We will help pinpoint all utilities in order for you to make repairs safely and efficiently. Don’t wait until whatever is leaking gets worse


Call 1st Response Leak Detection now at (619) 374-8554 for further information or any other queries. Our team of professionals will assist you through the whole process.

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