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Easy Ways You Can Detect Plumbing Leaks in Your House In San Diego

Shower and Sink Leak Detection San Diego

Leaks can occur in any part of your home. It can be under your ground, behind the walls, in ceilings, and even in your shower and sinks. 1st Response Leak Detection will assist you with Sinks and Shower Leak Detection San Diego. Our leak detection services will cover all these places. That will include all the sinks, drains, bathtubs, showers, and toilets in your house. Please note that you should take care of these leaks as soon as possible. No matter how small the leak is, it may be an indication of potential future damage to your property in the form of decay, rot, and even flooding.

Here discussed are some of the easy ways you can detect leaks in your home. That will not provide you with a solution for the leaks, but it will help identify them to call for professional help.


One of the most common sources of plumbing leaks are toilets in your home. Toilets are prone to leaks, destroying leaks. You can detect leaks in your bathroom by following the mentioned method below:

Add a few drops of food coloring to the water tank above the toilet. Do not flush the water and check if the color added has made its way to the toilet tank. If it does, this is an indication that there is water leaking between the tank and the toilet.

Check whether the base of the seat of the toilet is loose or not. The toilet base meets the floor and is also one of the most common sources of leaks in the home. You can try to sit on the toilet to check for any signs of movement. If the water is pressured into the bathroom, it will easily seep through this open area, resulting in leaks and puddles.

You can also check the ceiling located below the toilet for drain stains. To confirm this, you can also check the distance from the color to the bathroom. The puddles that occur due to leaks from pipes are found nearby the sources, which may be the only way to determine which line the leak originated.

Exterior Pipes

Most of the plumbing leaks occur inside your home. There are high chances that some of the leaks occur outside of your home in the exterior pipes.

Some of the signs to look out for are as following:

  • Corrosion on pipes
  • Check if there is increased growth of grass on the outside of the pipe.
  • Hose pipes leakage

Make sure to call for professional help regarding Sinks and Shower Leak Detection San Diego. 1st Response Leak Detection is one of the best for detecting a leak and fixing the issue. Get in touch with us now at (619)-374-8554.

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