▷4 Main Causes Of Sewer Damage In San Diego

4 Main Causes Of Sewer Damage In San Diego

4 Main Causes Of Sewer Damage In San Diego

There’s no other more excellent way to talk about sewage. Sewage problems are just gross.

Without a proper waste disposal system, you can witness many issues: spreading diseases, mold outbreaks, and asthma. As your plumbers, we’re just as concerned about the health of your family as we are about plumbing.

We’ll look into any problem you might be having, but there are some issues we tend to hear about more often than others. Here are four top causes of sewer damage.

Sewer Damage Cause #1: Tree Roots

One of the top external causes of issues with your sewer lines is tree roots. Tree roots are attracted to the fertilizer in the wastewater. As roots grow around your pipes, they end up creating cracks, big and small, trying to get at these nutrients.

 Tree roots are famous for crushing or filling whole sewer lines! Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, a neighbor’s tree could quickly become your plumbing nightmare.

Sewer Damage Cause #2: Physical Obstructions

One of the top internal causes of sewer damage is clogs. We’ve taken all sorts of things out of sewer pipes: garbage, toys, diapers, cooking grease, paper towels, menstrual products. All of these can cause blockages or clogs in your sewer pipes. And even if you take care of your pipes, dirt, debris, and hair can create obstructions in your sewer lines over time.

Sewer Damage Cause #3: Normal Wear-And-Tear

Time doesn’t do any good to your pipes. General corrosion and sediment build-up can create leaks and blockages. Sagging sewer lines are caused by the movement of sand over time, which can become a problem when the low spots create repeat blockages, ruptures, or leaks. 

Regular monitoring and maintenance can help, but ultimately sewer pipes have a shorter lifespan than your sewage needs. Reach out to our top-notch leak detection experts today. 

When Should You Call A San Diego Plumber About Sewer Issues?

Here are four apparent signs that point to possible sewer damage:

  1. All your drains are backing up at once. If you flush the toilet and the toilet, sink, and shower drain all spit up water, there must be a clog in the main pipe somewhere.
  2. Toilet water bubbling, gurgling sounds when you flush, or backed-up water in the shower after washing your toilet.
  3. Your lawn starts to change. Indentations in your yard may indicate a break in the line or a sagging pipe. Changes to your grass are also an alarm. Soggy patches or extra green, lush patches mean sewage is probably coming up from the lines below and fertilizing your lawn.
  4. It smells. This is an obvious one. If it smells like sewage, it’s probably sewage.

Very few people in the world would attempt a DIY fix for their sewer damage. 

Even if you’re one of them, please give us a call first! We want to help keep our plumbing customers safe and healthy in their homes. At 1st Response Leak Detection we have top experts who are highly-qualified in their profession and know how to detect the source of the problem and fix it. 

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