▷Leaky Plumbing Pipes Aren't Just A Pain In The Neck In San Diego

Leaky Plumbing Pipes Aren’t Just A Pain In The Neck In San Diego

Leaky Plumbing Pipes Aren't Just A Pain In The Neck In San Diego

Leaky pipes in San Diego are more than a nuisance; they may be dangerous. When it comes to plumbing leaks, not all are created equal. Some are easy to spot and repair, while others might go unnoticed for weeks or even months. 

Slab leaks are among the types of leaks that go undiscovered until they cause major harm. These leaks originate in the pipes beneath a home’s or business’s concrete foundation. They occur for a variety of reasons, affecting both older and newer construction. 

What is the best way to tell if you have a slab leak? Keep an eye out for these typical warning flags. 

Low Water Pressure

A tiny leak steadily wasting fresh water or a larger gash spewing water in a pipe beneath the foundation can both impair the pressure in all the faucets. 

Places On The Floor That Are Warm 

It’s possible that a leak in the hot water pipe is causing a warm spot on the floor. This may be easier to identify if you have linoleum or carpet. Tile flooring is more difficult to maintain since they are often overlooked until water leaks between the glue and the tiles. 

Floors That Are Raised 

If the water leak has been significant and has been going on for a long period, you may see warping or a raised ‘dome’ in the flooring. 

Lifting The Foundation 

Heaving occurs when a leak under your home’s foundation continues for an extended period of time, causing the structure to swell and potentially lift. Cracks in the slab, as well as cracks in the external and interior walls, might result from the damage. Damage can sometimes be irreversible, necessitating the services of a professional who understands what to look for and has the necessary tools. 

A Rise In The Cost Of Water 

If your utility bill has increased without any additional water usage, this is frequently an indicator of a water leak. It’s in your best interest to hire an expert leak detection service if you can’t find the source. 

The worst thing you can do if you detect a water incursion in your home is ignore it. This only adds to the damage and increases the repair costs. 

With minimal disruption to you or your property, The 1st Response Leak Detection can identify your slab leak, leaks under pavement, and leaks deep underground. We’ve set the bar for leak detection and water management for both residential and commercial premises since 1993. 

We collaborate with your insurance carrier to ensure that the task is completed correctly! 

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Contact the 1st Response Leak Detection as soon as possible. We employ specialized acoustic technology to discover a water leak in your home without causing any disruption or damage.


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