▷5 Reasons Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In San Diego

5 Reasons Why Your Basement Might Leak In Winter In San Diego

5 Reasons why your basement might leak in winter

The winter season, in particular, brings in stress and frustration when water breaks in the basement. The basement doesn’t only fill in due to the rainstorms or floods. There are several surprising ways of water breaking in, and they can be challenging to deal with. in this blog, we have given significant reasons why your basement leaks in winters. For Emergency Leak Detection San Diego, you can contact 1st Response Leak Detection.

Insufficient Drainage System

You must be thinking that the water gets frozen in winter and cannot get in the basement. But there are days where the temperature gets high and the ice or snow melts. The water drains directly into your basement if your gutters are blocked. It also drains when your downspouts are in the vicinity of your house. Downspouts should ideally be six feet away from your home so that water does not break into your basement.

Your Basement Creates Heat

Your basement tends to be warmer than the rest of your house in winters. The heat emits up to eight inches outside the walls, and that melts the ice and snow. If you have cracks and holes in your walls or the foundation, then they’ll get inside your house for sure.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure refers to the downward pulling of gravity. When it mixes with the heat that emits from your basement, then this is an upfront reason for your basement flooding up. The hydro static pressure pulls the heat downwards and traps it between the basement walls and the ground walls. And if there are cracks in your structure, then the water will leak into the basement. Water tends to accumulate in considerable quantities as the hydro-static pressure pushes the water downwards, even if there are no cracks. The water cannot flow in the frozen soil, and so it will press against your structure, causing new damages, which leads to space for leaks.

Soil Type

Having the right type of soil has a significant impact on the leaks. The right kind of soil will let the moisture flow away from your house. But the soil that fails to drain appropriately builds the pressure of melting ice or snow. And when the pressure gets high enough, then it will leak.

Clogged Drains

Cold winter weather tends to freeze the plumbing and sewer lines, and so they don’t stop the water from reaching out to the basement.

Winter Basement Leaks

Having to deal with a basement leak in winter is frustrating. Cold weather increases the chances of basement floods. However, there are ways to prevent winter basement leaks from occurring.

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