▷3 Easy Ways To Detect Drain Leaks In San Diego

3 Easy Ways To Detect Drain Leaks In San Diego

3 Easy Ways To Detect Drain Leaks In San Diego

Leaking pipes and faucets are one of the most often overlooked plumbing issues. Usually, a lot of homeowners do not give attention to small leaks. In your plumbing system, a small leakage problem does not cause a massive flood or pose a considerable risk of property damage. Still, it can cause a severe health risk, not directly, but yes, a simple ongoing untreated leak can open doors to some serious health issues. Escaping water is not a hazard, but the real risk is what it does when it remains unresolved for a longer time. 1st Response Leak Detection will assist you with Sinks and Shower Leak Detection San Diego.

Our leak detection services will cover all these places. That will include all the sinks, drains, bathtubs, showers, and toilets in your house. Please note that you should take care of these leaks as soon as possible. No matter how small the leak is, it may be an indication of potential future damage to your property in the form of decay, rot, and even flooding.

Here discussed are some of the easy ways you can detect leaks in your home. That will not provide you with a solution for the leaks, but it will help identify them to call for professional help.

The Water Bill – Simplest Way to Detect Water Leaks

The water bill is the most common way of detecting whether your house has a water leak. Compare with those in the past with your latest expenses. It is a strong indicator that there is a water leakage issue in your home if there is a considerable increase in your home’s water bill.


Toilets are one of the most frequent causes of water leakage in your house. If you hear water running in the washroom when there is a bad fill valve or the water level is higher than the overflow tube, it is evident that there is a water leakage is in your toilet.

Irrigation System

A leaking backflow pipe, leakage in irrigation piping, broken heads, leaking bubblers, or drip emitters are the most common causes of leaks in your home’s irrigation system.

These two are the most prevalent causes of water leakage in any home and can cost you many repair expenses. You must switch off the main supply line to solve all these problems and then observe any dripping water sounds.

Exterior Pipes

Most of the plumbing leaks occur inside your home. There are high chances that some of the leaks occur outside of your home in the exterior pipes.

Some of the signs to look out for are as following:

  • Corrosion on pipes
  • Check if there is increased growth of grass on the outside of the pipe.
  • Hose pipes leakage

Make sure to call for professional help regarding Sinks and Shower Leak Detection San Diego. 1st Response Leak Detection is one of the best for detecting a leak and fixing the issue. Get in touch with us now at (619)-374-8554. You can also visit our website for guidance or any questions; fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you.

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