▷Detecting Leaks And Reading Your Water Meter In San Diego

Detecting Leaks And Reading Your Water Meter In San Diego

Detecting Leaks And Reading Your Water Meter In San Diego

Reading Your Water Meter

Stay away from the water meter when you are reading it. Do not stand directly in front of the water meter or behind it. Stay to one side while attempting to read your water meter. 

If you stand too close, the flow of water may make it difficult for you to actually be able to read the dials on your water meter. Also, remember that there is always a chance that a water leak could occur as you try and read your water meter, so stay alert!

How To Read Your Water Meter

Turn the dials on your water meter to zero using the dials. There is usually a red dial and a black dial that you can adjust. The black dial will move in increments of one, while the red dial will move in half-inch increments on some water meters.

 If there are no numbers printed on your water meter, then it is likely that this kind of water meter does not have specific numbers printed onto them.

Using Your Water Meter

You can use your water meter as an effective tool to help cut down on your consumption when doing things like watering the lawn or washing clothes. By turning off the main valve to those areas, you can make sure that there is no usage (or very little) going through while you are trying to determine if you have a leak.

If we don’t feel like turning off the water to those areas, then we can just turn them on ourselves for a few minutes and then shut them off again. We will also know how long it will take us to use up some of that water in there!

If you don’t want to read your water meter often, then be sure that you know exactly where the main valve is for all of the major appliances in your house. This way, if you feel like something may be wrong or have a leak somewhere, you can immediately go and turn it off instead of searching around for that valve!

Using Your Water Meter To Detect Leaks

If you are wondering if there is a leak in your house, then it might be a good idea to sit by your water meter and read it for a while. Also, I would suggest turning off all major appliances like the water heater and any sinks or tubs that may be running at the time.

If your water meter starts showing higher numbers than usual after you have turned these things off, this could indicate that you do indeed have some sort of leak somewhere.


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