▷Top 4 Causes of a Commercial Roof Leak in San Diego

Top 4 Causes of a Commercial Roof Leak in San Diego

Commercial Roof Leak San Diego

Few things can impair your property and equipment in a commercial building faster than water, and one of the most communal reasons for water infiltration is an active roof leak. Knowing the causes of a roof leak and how to identify when you have one can save you time, hindrance, and a significant quantity of money you might then spend on equipment maintenance or substitutions.

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How Common Are Commercial Roof Leaks?

Roof damage is one of the most communal foundations of water damage in heavy rains to basement flooding. Below are some things you can do to stop problems with your roof in a storm:

  • Are there trees adjacent to your house that should clip or branches that should loosen up that need to be gotten rid of?
  • Does your roof flashing need to be substituted?
  • Do you have damaged grits that should be mended or misplaced gravels that should swap?
  • Are there remains in your trenches or other obstacles that need to be detached?

Taking care of these problems now, before the rain occurs, will help keep water out of your house.

For this reason, you must know the top four causes of commercial roof leaks so you can recognize the problem before it becomes disastrous.

1. Poor Drainage

All flat roofs need drainage to collect the water accumulating on top of them so you can safely drain off the water. Blocked or congested drains can cause water pooling, leading to roof damage and water getting inside your building.

2. Open Penetrations

Probabilities are you have infiltrations running up through your roof for electric, heating, AC, or plumbing. These infiltrations, if not wrapped correctly, can be the culprit for a leaking roof.

3. Damaged Roof Membrane

The roof membrane is the water-resistant layer that keeps rain, irrigation, and snow out of your house until they get drained away. Any harm to your roof membrane, even superficially unimportant damage from dropping remains, heavy winds, foot traffic, or construction, can lead to firm leaks into your structure, often producing quite a bit of damage inside.

4. Roof Age

Roof age is another conjoint reason for roof leaking, as older roofing membranes are unceasingly visible to the rudiments and can damage over time. Degradation can rapidly lead to water infiltration, and you should test it to understand the roof system’s fundamentals better.

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