▷Signs Your Home Has A Water Leak In San Diego

Signs Your Home Has A Water Leak In San Diego

Signs Your Home Has A Water Leak In San Diego

A water leak can quickly be listed among homeowners as one of the most annoying issues you may encounter outside of a power outage. Fortunately, water leaks can be easy to fix if they are detected on time, but they can lead to severe damage if neglected. Here are a few signs your home may have a water leak:

Increase In Your Water Bill

An increase in water bills may be a sign of a hidden water leak in your property. To be sure a seasonal change does not cause a spike, you need to keep track of your water bills. If you find that your account has consistently gone up, there are chances that there might be a leaky pipe in your home. To locate the source of the leak, you must call an expert professional plumber right away.

Water Meter Fluctuations

Check your water meter if you think that there is a leak somewhere in your home. First, shut off the water. This includes all faucets and your washing machine and dishwasher. Next, check your water meter to see if it starts to move right away. If it does, there is a good chance your house has an aggressive leak somewhere.

 However, if the meter doesn’t move immediately, check again a few hours later. This time, if the meter has moved while the water is off, there is probably a slow leak in your home.

Appearance Of Mold And Mildew

Mold usually grows around bathtubs, but the appearance of mildew in some areas could be a sign of a leak. Leaks usually cause damp spots, which often cause mold. Mold can be located above the ceiling or on the floor. 

If there’s a filthy odor around your home, and no matter how often you clean your home, the smell stays, then this means that there may be a leaking pipe at your house. Leaks generate a perfect atmosphere for mold to grow. If you see mold in your home, especially black mold, you must call a plumbing professional right away, as this problem could be a health hazard.

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