▷Pipe Leaks In Business Areas In San Diego

Pipe Leaks In Business Areas In San Diego

Pipe Leaks In Business Areas In San Diego

If you own or manage a commercial building, it may be necessary to perform some repairs on your water pipes. This is not only to keep your business running at its optimum but also to ensure the safety of everyone working in the building. If there is no way to shut down the building’s water supply until that leak has been repaired, then it’s best if you know how to patch that pipe yourself.

Before attempting any kind of repair, however, make sure you don’t need professional help with this. A plumber will likely charge much more than $100 for this job and may take longer than doing it yourself would take anyway.

When you are positive that what you are dealing with can be handled with a pipe patch, gather up the following tools and materials before you begin:

  • 1. A new metal tape measure that does not stretch or a non-metallic string about 2 feet long.
  • 2. A small flat blade screwdriver to remove the end cap of the broken section of the pipe.
  • 3. Pipe clamps to secure the patch in place until it has been set completely. Pipe sizes may vary, so check around your local hardware store for these items if they are not available at your building supply warehouse/center.
  • 4. Equipment used for testing for leaks after installation is complete (i.e., pressurized water source). 
  •  5 . And finally, some PVC tape or Teflon tape to wrap the end of the patch.

Remove all pressure from the broken pipe by shutting off water to the building or simply closing (or clamping) the main shut-off valve on that line. Be careful not to cut a section of the pipe too short when you are cutting it because this can reduce how well your patch will hold. Then use a hacksaw to cut through both sides of the broken section of pipe for about 4 inches past each side of the break.

Assemble everything listed above before you begin to work with your dirty hand, as this job will get messy. Use gloves if necessary so as not to contaminate either one or both pieces being joined together with and grime from your hands.

After you have cut through your pipe, use the screwdriver to pry off the end cap of the broken section of the pipe. This will be where you apply and clamp on your new patch piece.


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