▷Do You Have A Leak In The Bathroom In San Diego?

Do You Have A Leak In The Bathroom In San Diego?

Do You Have A Leak In The Bathroom In San Diego?

You could hire someone to go through your attic, crawl space, or basement and find the origin of the leak. But before you do that, check your toilet for leaks. The toilet is usually within six feet of where water puddles on your floor. A good tip-off is if the soil stack goes straight down from under your toilet tank instead of running out through the side of your house. Replacing a leaking toilet flapper costs much less than hiring an expert plumber to locate a leaky pipe that’s hidden somewhere in your walls. And it can save you money by preventing damage to home structure or belongings, plus avoiding future sewer bills to clean up the mess.

If you have a leaky pipe somewhere else in your house, hiring an expert plumber to find it may be your best bet.  But if the leak is coming from your toilet, fixing it yourself is a quick, easy job you can do in minutes.

Learn how to fix a leaky toilet flapper by watching our video or reading our step-by-step instructions below.

Fixing A Leaky Toilet Flapper

The flapper is the part of the toilet that controls the flow of water into the tank. When the flapper doesn’t close properly, water leaks out of the tank and into the bowl. This causes the toilet to run constantly and wastes water.

To Fix A Leaky Toilet Flapper

Shut off the water supply to the toilet. Flush the toilet to empty the tank. Remove the lid from the tank. Look for the flapper valve (it’s the black rubber piece in the middle of the tank). If the valve is leaking, replace it with a new flapper valve.

If you don’t have a new flapper valve, you can repair the old one or call the professionals!

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