▷3 Telltale Signs That Your Irrigation System Is Leaking In San Diego

3 Telltale Signs That Your Irrigation System Is Leaking In San Diego

3 Telltale Signs That Your Irrigation System Is Leaking In San Diego

In this article, you will learn about three telltale signs that your irrigation system is leaking.

There are many reasons why an irrigation system may begin to leak: broken pipes, worn-out nozzles, or layers of dirt build-up on the sprinkler heads, causing them to clog. But it’s up to you to catch these problems and fix them before they become major headaches and wasted water bills.

If you live in a drought-prone area (like Southern California), then you have most likely installed a leak detection drip tube around your sprinkler head so that if the sprinkler leaks, the drip tube will absorb the excess moisture before it can run into your garden soil.

Irrigation leaks should be detected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage to your property. Here’s how to know if you have one: 

Telltale Wet Or Dead Areas

If you have an irrigation system, then you can usually look at your lawn and see what areas are wetter or more dead than the others. This is caused by excessive watering due to sprinkler head problems, broken pipes underneath the ground, or a faulty timer. 

However, sometimes these wet and dead patches become so severe that they begin to blend into surrounding areas of healthy grass and flowers. Inspect with a close eye for symptoms like yellowed leaves around the edges of a lawn where it meets an un-irrigated area. If you notice this kind of discoloration on an otherwise green lawn, there’s a chance some part of your system may be leaking beyond your drip tube setup.

Rule Out Surface Water Issues

If you can’t find the leak, try to look at the bigger picture. You may want to consider inspecting your sprinkler system for signs of surface water.

If there are cracks in your driveway or a dip in your sidewalk, then this could potentially cause water to seep up and out from under your irrigation system and onto the ground below. Surface water leaking beyond an irrigation line is not ideal; it will usually sink into the soil and never make it down into the root zone of plants requiring supplemental watering.

Damage To The Sprinkler System

If you can’t find the source of a leak from surface water or your yard, then look at the sprinkler head itself. If there are cracks in the sprinkler system, then that might be where excess moisture is escaping and causing surface run-off or pooling around the head.

Remove damaged sprinklers by detaching them from their tubing line using a pipe wrench. Replace your broken sprinkler heads with new ones to restore proper functionality to your irrigation system and save yourself additional work later on down the road.


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