▷How To Fix A Leaking Washing Machine Hose In San Diego

How To Fix A Leaking Washing Machine Hose In San Diego

How To Fix A Leaking Washing Machine Hose In San Diego

Although it’s not as bad as a full flood, not fixing a broken washing machine hose is like turning off the spigot to stop the flow of water from your kitchen sink – except instead of stopping one small stream of water coming from one faucet, you’re stopping several gallons of water from half a dozen different appliances!

If you’ve got an appliance leaking water, go ahead and turn off the circuit breaker. If it’s too late for that, unplug it. You don’t want to take any chances with electricity and water in close proximity. Next, identify where the leak is coming from. It should be pretty obvious based on what area of the house/building is getting wet. Follow the hose out till you find its origin at one of your appliances or pipes leading to other appliances (the washing machine drain hose takes water away from your washing machine).

   1) Fixing The Washing Machine Drain Hose 

The first thing you should do is check to make sure the hose isn’t cracked along its length, as this may be the problem. Once you establish it’s not a crack, your best course of action is simply to reattach or replace the hose. If your hose came with a clamp (like most do), undo the clamp and take off the end. 

Take off any residue at both ends and attach them together again using new rubber washers if necessary (*If your washing machine already has replacement washers under each nut, you don’t need to buy extra). Tighten clamps firmly but carefully so that you don’t damage either part.

   2) Fixing The Faucet

You can stop water from leaking out of your faucet by replacing the rubber washers (which wear out with age) on each connection. Since they’re cheap, it’s usually best to do this whether you think yours is leaking or not; they are easy to replace if nothing is wrong and saves you time and money later if your washer hose does go bad. Make sure you attach hoses properly so that water can’t leak out of them just above the connection where they meet at the appliance.

   3) Replace The Drain Hose

If neither clamping nor replacing your washing machine drain hose fixes the problem, you have a more serious issue that requires professional attention. If necessary, wrap Teflon tape around your spigots before you replace them (if that’s the problem).


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