▷3 Ways To Fix A Leaking Ceiling In San Diego

3 Ways To Fix A Leaking Ceiling In San Diego

3 Ways To Fix A Leaking Ceiling In San Diego

Ceilings are typically a focal point in most homes. They can be decorative or functional, but either way, they need to hold up and not leak! Ceiling leaks usually occur from one of three sources: condensation build-up, water pipes/wiring running through the attic space, or roof damage. This blog post will cover three ways to fix a leaking ceiling so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Condensation Build-up

If your ceiling is leaking from condensation build-up, then you need to adjust the ventilation in that room. This could be as easy as opening a window or two for an hour each day, so fresh air can circulate, and moisture can escape. 

You should also turn on any exhaust fans (i.e., bathroom and kitchen fans) for a few minutes after taking a shower or cooking. Make sure to clean your vent covers and change the filters once every month as well!

Water Pipes/Wiring In Attic Space

If you find water stains on any of your attic rafters, this means that there is likely an issue with either the roofing materials above these rafters or pipes/wiring running through them. If it’s just condensation build-up from hot air coming out of ceiling vents, then these should resolve themselves over time if fresh air is allowed into the space. 

However, if you see wetness along with piping or wiring that goes across several adjacent rafters, then those need to be addressed as soon as possible by calling a roofer. When a roofing company is called to fix the problem, they will be able to tell you if there is more of an issue with your roof or not and repair it accordingly.

Roof Damage

When leaks occur from damaged roofs, sometimes water can seep through more than one part of the ceiling before finding its way down below. In this case, it’s important for homeowners to fix what they see as soon as possible because further damage could ensue unseen under the surface.

Roofers have tools that allow them to find out where all problems are occurring on a rooftop so that repairs can happen in their entirety instead of just fixing individual issues here and there over time. If left alone long enough without being fixed properly, these small roofing problems will only get worse and cost homeowners more in the long run to repair!


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