▷How To Find A Water Leak Inside A Wall In San Diego

How To Find A Water Leak Inside A Wall In San Diego

How To Find A Water Leak Inside A Wall In San Diego

Nothing scares property owners like the thought of water damage does. The most challenging thing about dealing with water damage is that it’ll occur in a way that you’ll overlook. Sometimes we fail to pay attention, or the water damage gets too severe without your knowledge, and by the time you catch on to what is happening, you have several thousands of dollars worth of restoration to do. 

What Causes Water Leaks Inside A Wall?

Plumbing pipes are usually behind or within the walls because if the piping were exposed, it would be vulnerable to damage and not a pleasure to look at. 

There are several things that can lead to water leaks inside a wall:

  • Weak plumbing cannot bear the weight of concrete and crumbles over time.
  • Pipes and residential sewer pipes freeze and burst due to extreme temperatures. 
  • External forces are taking their toll on plumbing leading to punctures. 

Wet Spots On The Wall

One of the indicators that water might be leaking somewhere in your house’s plumbing network is when you start spotting wet patches on the walls that are not under construction. 

Mold Formation

The second and most common visible sign that indicates a water leak inside your walls is when a few corners of the house and especially on the walls, start developing mold. Mold grows when there’s too much moisture. In other words, it has grown around water. 

Peeling Paint

Another common sign that there is a leaking pipe somewhere is when the paint on the wall begins to peel. Water damages the paint quality resulting in color withering off the walls. 

The Repair Process

When the leak has been detected and located, the next step includes a professional plumber’s repair. This entirely depends on the extent of the damage formed by the lead and the size of the leak. 

Sometimes there is no choice but to replace the entire plumbing system if it has leak detection issues. . This happens when you’ve been using a weak or old system that has always been under the possibility of leaks. If the leakage has been a problem for a long time, then it is possible to lead to further issues such as water damage, mold, and rot. It is best to call for a professional plumbing company so that their experts can bring back your house to its former glory. 

What Better Than To Get A Perfect Plumbing System With No More Leaks And Water Damages? 

When dealing with leaks in the wall, it is crucial that you stay vigilant about the warning signs that we have listed. The moment that you have plenty of proof that there could be silent water damage going on in your home, you must contact a professional plumber for a quick assessment and repair. Call us at 1st Response Leak Detection for a free quote. 

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