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How To Detect A Water/Plumbing Leak Inside A Wall In San Diego?

How To Detect A Water/Plumbing Leak Inside A Wall

Detecting a water leak is not always an easy task, especially if it’s coming from inside the wall. It can be difficult to detect this type of leak because it may not be near a window or door where you might notice dripping. 

This blog post will show you how to detect and fix leaks in your home by following three simple steps: 1) Inspect for wet spots on walls or floors; 2) Listen for gurgling sounds; 3) Check your water meter reading.

  • Inspect for wet spots on walls or floors. If you see any, it may indicate a leak in the plumbing pipes inside your wall and should be checked immediately! The leak could also make its way outside of your house through the foundation cracks to where there’s an obvious puddle of water on the ground.
  • Listen for gurgling sounds from within your home that are coming from the floor below, basement, or upper level. These noises mean water is flowing somewhere near you and usually indicates a leaking pipe. Check all areas where sound can travel, even if this means going into every room in your house.

Check your water meter reading before checking around inside for leaks.

The Cause Of The Leaking Water Pipe

Natural Wear and Tear

Cracks can happen from normal wear and tear. You may have experienced these cracks as a leak from your water pipe.

Do not let this problem worsen and save yourself the headache of having to repair pipes by checking for leaks immediately!

The Repair Process Of A Leaking Pipe

  • Locate the leaking area with your eyes, hands, or ears.

If you can’t see it, feel around in wet areas where ceiling tiles are soaking wet-this is usually an indication that there’s water somewhere above you. If you hear gurgling noises coming from within walls, floors, or outside through foundation cracks, then inspect those locations too (pipes often leak before rupturing). Check all faucets inside and out to make sure they’re working properly.

Ignoring Your Water Pipes Can Be Costly

If you are unable to address this issue on your own and need assistance, contact us today for leak detection assistance!

A leaking pipe is not always easy to spot, but there are several ways that can help detect one: by looking at wet ceiling tiles, feeling around wet areas with eyes or hands, especially one you can’t see, can create serious damage and a health hazard. 


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