▷Beware Of A Leaky Garage During Winter In San Diego

Beware Of A Leaky Garage During Winter In San Diego

Beware Of A Leaky Garage During Winter In San Diego

Winter is here, and that means severe snowstorms are on the way. If you have a garage door in your home or business, it can be an easy entry point for winter weather to get inside. Even if the garage door isn’t open during these storms, moisture can still get in through other ways – like around the springs of the door itself. As this moisture freezes over time, you’ll find yourself with a leaky garage! To help prevent this from happening at your home or business, keep reading below for some tips on how to protect your garage during wintertime.

Cracks Are Only The Beginning

Cracks in your garage door frame can be especially problematic when it comes to weather because any small attempt means much more than just visual damage – the concrete around that area is also at risk of being damaged by moisture and water. In addition, if you have large cracks or other severe damage to your garage door itself, make sure to contact a professional right away. Your garage door may need some work before winter hits, or it could be too damaged and in need of replacement.

Lack Of Insulation Can Cause A leaky Roof

Another essential thing to do is ensure your garage door and the area around it have the proper insulation. If there is a significant gap or lack of insulation between your garage and the rest of your home, you could be in for some critical issues if moisture gets through. Not only will this cause damage to the door itself, but it can also damage the surrounding walls of your garage if water manages to get in.

Ice damming is also an issue that can cause leaks to happen around the garage. Ice dams are formed when the snow melts on a rooftop and then refreezes as it runs back towards the edges of the home where gutters are located. This build-up of water will eventually create icicles – which can then cause damage to the roof, walls, and foundation of your home.


This problem is often worse when you have a garage door because it can create large icicles in areas like where the springs are located on your door – these types of spots tend to be especially vulnerable when ice dams form. So make sure that you do all you can to protect your home from ice damming this winter. Give 1st Response Leak Detection a call at (619) 374-8554 right now!

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