▷How Can I Detect A Water Leak Before Digging In San Diego?

How Can I Detect A Water Leak Before Digging In San Diego?

How Can I Detect A Water Leak Before Digging In San Diego?

Sometimes water leaks can go unnoticed for months or years. This is because of where it has been leaking, how long it has been leaking, and how much water is being leaked.

To increase the chance of detecting a leak before digging, you should try listening for the sound of running water, especially at night when there are fewer outside noises.

Sense Of Smell

You can also use your sense of smell to detect a leak. If you smell something like sewage or rotten eggs near your house, then it might be coming from your plumbing system. A gas company may have bacteria added to natural gas as an odorant so that people will know if they smell an unnatural scent while using natural gas products such as in their heater or stove.

Check Your Water Meter For Irregularities

Another way to detect a leak is to check your water meter frequently because if there is a water leak, then the amount of water flowing into your home will surge, and it will appear as an increase in the reading on the meter.

Check Inside And Outside Your House For Possible Signs

You can also watch for wet or saturated areas around your house, especially in the basement, where most leaks occur because most basements are made of dirt and rock, which are poor insulators. 

This means that even though you may have fixed the leak, it might still be leaking into your basement through cracks in walls and floors. Wet carpeting can also indicate a leak in the same places as mentioned above, like attics or crawl spaces and foundations.

Check Your Bathroom For Signs Of Water Leakage

Another common area for a water leak to occur is your bathroom. Check around the edges of tiles in your shower and other areas near water sources like sinks and tubs because if there is a leak, then they will be wet or damp.

Also, check pipes that are attached to your walls since these may indicate leakage from your toilet, which can cause damage to your home and cause an overflow resulting in major financial loss. A good tip for checking the pipe under the sink is to remove all pipes and faucets so that you can look at any leaks with less obstruction. Also included in this inspection should be an inspection of your hot water heater as it too could possibly have a leak.


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