▷What To Do If Your Shower Pan Leaks In San Diego?

What To Do If Your Shower Pan Leaks In San Diego?

What To Do If Your Shower Pan Leaks In San Diego?

One of the most stressful things that can happen to a homeowner is when their Shower Pan leaks. Shower pans are designed to catch water in order to prevent damage from occurring, but sometimes they fail, and the homeowner has a big mess on their hands. This article will outline some Shower Pan leak fixes that you can do yourself.

Potential Shower Pan Problems

Shower pans are built to last, but all sorts of things can go wrong if shower pan leaks:

  • Shower Drain Issues
  • Shower Head Problems

While these problems may seem unrelated, they are often caused by the same problem and can be fixed with one solution. The most common reason for a Shower Pan leaking is that it was not properly installed or clogged from debris in the drain pipe. 

Shower drains need to be installed correctly in order to work properly. Showerheads can also cause Shower Pan leaks if they are not screwed on tightly, and water is leaking from under the showerhead, or if it has been removed for some reason.

Testing Your Shower Pan

If you see some water on the floor, but you’re not sure if your shower pan is leaking, you can test it. To test your Shower Pan, place a towel on the floor in front of the Shower Drain and turn on the Shower for at least five minutes. If when you check back with the towel, it is wet or has water seeped into it, then there’s some chance that something isn’t right with your Shower Pan!

Checking For Water Damage

During the test or after you’ve taken a shower, If your Shower Pan leaks, there’s a good chance you have water damage. Check for signs of any questionable substances or smells in the area where there are Shower Leaks by testing it with a paper towel and looking at it under sunlight to see if anything is amiss.

Water Can Turn Into Mold

If you see Shower Leaks, it is important to take care of them as soon as possible. Left untreated, water can cause mold and other damage that may be expensive or even impossible to fix! You don’t want your Shower Pan leaking when a simple Shower Drain installation would have fixed the problem in seconds.

Contacting A Professional

If you’re not sure Shower Leaks how to fix Shower Pan leaks, or if there’s any chance that the leak is coming from more than just your Shower Drain, and you live in San Diego, then it’s time to give 1st Response Leak Detection a call! We have experience and are able to tell what caused the Showers Leak problem so they can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Call us today at (619) 374-8554.

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